Sunday, October 25, 2015

Making Money on the Internet Should Be Easy

Making Money on the Internet Should Be Easy

Just as easy as pressing a button.

The majority of the people who are looking to make money on the internet, want to do so with minimal effort. Is this really possible? Should you believe all the hype? Should you spend your last few dollars to do so?

Can you make money right now just by pushing a button?
Can you make money without having to spend your last dollar?

If you have found such a program, please let me know. I will be waiting for your response!

While I am waiting, take a look at this offer. is seeking a team of mobile marketeers to advocate on behalf of their clients to promote the clients dreams. In exchange for your marketing efforts, you will share in the profits of the commodities produced.

Maybe the above sentences sound too much like what a lawyer would write. So let's make it easy, as it should be.

Mobile Marketeer - A person or device that sells goods or services in a particular market.

Advocate - A spokesperson who supports, recommends or pleads on another persons behalf. This could be for a cause, a service, or a particular product.

Client - A person using the services of a professional person or company.

Exchange - The act of giving one thing and receiving something else in return.

Commodities - A useful or valuable idea, item, or dream.

Word of mouth is still the number one marketing tool in spite of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It has more power and persuasion than any advertisement vehicle known to the modern business world in spite of radio, television, and the worldwide internet.

Word of mouth most of the time it is free, have you ever got paid, just because you recommended a product that you found useful or a product you thought was awesome. Most would have to admit that the answer is no. And yet...

That is exactly what is offering.

By combining the power of word of mouth with today's electronic media we produce an unstoppable force to propel our dreams further than we ever imagined. And now...

Speak It
Text It
Email It
Post It
Like It
Tweet It

Get Paid for It!

Buy It! Read It! Review It! 

Tell someone about It!... Get Paid for It!

Can Making Money on the internet be as easy as pressing or touching a button.

Find out for yourself @

Coming Soon! The Dream Button

Coming Soon! The Dream Button... Under Construction... If you play the game and follow the clues eventually you will have the code. This is a test run, so have fun. If you figure it out, why not email me @

The first 100 people to email me the code, will be entered into a drawing. Since this is a test run there are no official rules yet. We promise to make it worth your time. In fact you tell me what the prize should be.

Hint #1: It is like a scavenger hunt.
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