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Published Author to Published Songwriter

Published Author to Published Songwriter

When I tell people, that I have published 2 books and a song. The responses I get range from.

No way, get out of here. 
How did you do it, how many books have you sold? 
Why are you still working here?
What is the name of your book?

And many more, however I think the most captivating response I get from people.

“I always wanted to do that.”

Of course me, being the person that I am, I forget all about my books and songs. I know, I am easily side tracked, but I cannot resist, asking them about their ideas. I start asking them. Are you working on a book? Have you started writing down ideas about your book? What kind of book is it? The usual answers are, I do not have time for that, or I do not have the right contacts. I do not want to be disappointed. My favorite is, don’t you need a publisher or need to have lots of money.

Then they turn back to me. You can imagine the barrage of questions and comments I get then.

Who is your publisher? How much are you making? Can I get a copy of your book? I never knew you wanted to write a book.

Eventually I tell my new fan, that I am a self publisher, and an indie artist. With the signature statement, If a major publishing agent ever wants to step in, and become my publisher, I am ready.

Now, I told you all of this to make a point, you do not have to wait for a major publishing agency to get started writing and publishing your works of ART.

I know you are saying, yeah right self publishing is expensive, and you will say next, I heard most self publishers do not even make much money.

I too have said those statements, and those statements are detrimental to your creative abilities, and they are holding you back.

It is true self publishing can become expensive and it is very possible that you will not make any money off of your creative talents. However, should that stop you from trying?

I have discovered that there are two types of self publishers.

  1. Do it yourself Self Publisher
  2. Done for you Self Publisher

Both cost money, but number 2 cost more money, as you can expect.

So let us talk about the cost.

Self Publisher: All about the Money!

Do it yourself:

You could publish your Creative works of Art for less than $200.00 to $300.00, this price varies because you will have to decide whether to release a digital version of your book and a paperback version.

This will include an ISBN or two and your book published with several major distributors either in digital format or paperback.

Note: You will have to purchase your ISBN. (Some distributors do not require an ISBN for eBooks but you should get one, this will make your creative work easier to find.) You will have to learn to create a suitable eBook for the distributors. You will have to do the interior design, which means the layout of the written word. You will have to do all of your own copy editing. You will have to design your cover. You will have to do all of your own marketing.

If you noticed there is a lot of you in the above paragraph, however you can hire freelancers to do the work for you, however this will increase your out of pocket cash.

Done for you:

Pick a package: starting at $600 and ballooning to well over $8000 dollars, the higher end packages will get you the following.



Interior Design

Cover Design

Professional Reviews

Your Book published, ( either in digital format or paperback ) and on the shelves of major distributors

Some packages may offer Marketing

Note: Do Not expect all of these services for $600 not even for $1000. I would give a break down of the prices for the individual services but that would be misleading because there are many self publishing companies with varying prices for these individual services.

The majority of the self publishing companies offer multiple packages for you to choose from, or you can purchase the individual services. If you choose to make use of the A La Carte method, be ready to pick up the extra slack. By purchasing the individual services separately, you could possibly save some money. 

Now that we have talked about the money, the money should not be the reason you choose to publish or not to publish your creative, heart pounding, life long dream. So what should be the overall reason? Why should you take the plunge and become published?

Do What You Love

Do what you love, love what you do.

Inside each and every one of us is this little creative genius struggling to get out and change your life and the lives of those individuals who are just waiting to discover your creative works of Art. 

For your amusement I will tell you what I would have liked to have added at the end of that last sentence. Your diamond in the rough, your pearl in the oyster, your gold nugget, the yoke in the middle of the egg, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the genie in the bottle, the golden owl, the holy grail, or any other terms that describe the hidden treasures churning inside of you.

However you choose to describe your hidden talent, we all deserve to engage it to the greatest degree we so desire, and if it leads to a king’s ransom then you will experience the full promulgation of the subtitle, Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

The majority of people will spend a life time working to make someone else’s dream come true. If that is what brings you satisfaction, I will not harp on that, but I hope you have not given up on your own dreams.

Thanks to the digital age and the multimedia capabilities of the internet, more people have the opportunity to turn the statement “I always wanted to do that” into a reality.

Becoming a published author, songwriter, artist, film documentarist, photographer, producer is no longer reserved for individuals who have the backing of a big publishing company who is only willing to work with those who are already well known.

Again just like in the early to late nineties the internet is proving to be the great equalizer.

With so many tools at your fingertips there is no excuse for you not to express your creative side, for a fact you could start a blog today and publish your creative work of Art for free.

Still not convinced or maybe you have some questions, post your questions here on this blog and I will answer it to the best of my knowledge or point you in the right direction. 

Or you can send your question to iincmm@iincmm.com as always the advice is free.

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