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What you should know about SEO and Mobile Marketing

What should you know about SEO and Mobile Marketing?

SEO is closely associated with the media or content you provide and post on the internet.

Mobile Marketing or Marketing period is related to your efforts to let people know about your media or content.

I know the above two sentences sound like common sense, but many new business owners who are taking their products, media, and content to the web are still confused about these two most important tools for internet exposure.

Example you have a brick and mortar business whether it be an ice cream shop, or a fashion boutique. You are convinced that the internet can successfully provide awareness and let others know your business exist.

So, you create a professional website, everyone you know tells you it is awesome, it looks great. Your sites Meta Data is right on key, you have picked the appropriate keywords, you have even provide authoritative links. And now you are completely ready to dominate the internet you are set to tell all those new customers how delicious your home made ice cream is, right.

I wish that was the case, let's elaborate using the tool SEO.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization

As it stands right now you only have one element pointing or directing the internet traffic to your sight, your webpage. Sure it is search engine optimized and able to be shown on different sized screens. You cannot however, expect anyone other than your close friends to know your site exist.

Think about your brick and mortar establishment, how many signs do you have up in the window. I dare to say you do not only have one sign in the window, but that window is covered with ice cream paraphernalia. How about inside your store. Do you only have one sign on the wall behind the counter (Ice Cream) again I will stake the claim that you do not have only one sign. You have all 101 flavors, prices, and pictures of the delicious cold desert everywhere.

Hence it would be completely unacceptable to think that having just a website is enough to attract new customers.

Enough rambling, here is what you need to do, create a youtube video, create a blog, create banners and other images for your,,, and or accounts.

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The more platforms you have pointing to your site, the more likely you will increase your SEO stats.

There is no magical formula, there is no automatic solution that you and your business can institute to sway the search engines. Unless first you create enough content to get there attention.

You should have already considered SEO when developing your website or blog. Do Not think that you will tackle this element of an internet business after your site is built.

What about mobile marketing? 

I know you are saying, but I have created a website and according to your directions I have a blog talking about my site, I have a Facebook page for my business, I have even created a twitter account strictly devoted to my business and website. Isn't this enough marketing and aren't these platforms mobile?

Again let's think about your brick and mortar business. Do the people in your community only know about your business because of your building that says you have ice cream. Or, have you enlisted the help of an advertisement agency to promote your business.

This means ads in the local paper, on the local radio station, and if your budget allows local tv. Do you have a billboard on the highway pointing to your business? Did you distribute flyers when you first opened? Do you still distribute flyers or other marketing material when you have a special.

With the above example, I hope you get the point marketing is more than just having a website or blog. Whether you choose to pay for it or convince other sites to give your site or blog a shout out, you need a marketing plan.

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Here is what you can do, you can setup a Adwords campaign, or, you can boost your posts about your business, websites, and blogs on and And other forms of paid advertisement and marketing to let the internet know your website entity exist.

Your other option if money is a problem. You can contact the major players on the internet, for example, (The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mashable, or maybe you link with a major Youtube channel) and get them to mention your site or blog. You also can contact other sites that are related to your particular business and create a synergy that helps both of your causes.

There is no magic formula or solution that will give your business or your website an automatic edge that increases your traffic exponentially without you first putting in some substantial online leg work.

Please know that SEO and Mobile Marketing needs your considerable attention, if you wish to grow your online business.


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